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IT Due Diligence
Companies contemplating technology investments, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic partnerships need to perform due diligence in a number of areas to adequately access the viability of the new venture.  IT Due Diligence is one key area that can uncover important information on the company’s initiative and indicate any possible financial impact or technical issues.  The InfiniTech IT Due Diligence service evaluates the current technology environment and provides a technology assessment including:

  • Inventory of current technology
  • Current state of technology assessment
  • Process assessment
  • Integration issues between companies
  • Possible investment needed to meet business needs
  • Determination of existing technology’s ability to meet the company’s current and future business objectives
  • Additional recommendations or considerations for the acquiring company in considering this new venture

Technology Assessment
For maximum efficiency and future growth, IT systems need to be scalable, flexible and aligned with the company's business objectives.  The InfiniTech Technology Assessment service provides an evaluation of the current system infrastructure with recommendations for cost savings, increased return on investment and operational efficiency.  This evaluation includes logical and physical diagrams, an inventory of applications and hardware, a gap analysis to understand what needs the infrastructure does and does not meet, an analysis of system flexibility, scalability and longevity, and reengineering recommendations based on the business criteria.

Process Evaluation
Creating technology efficiency within the company is key to allowing operations to function without interruption.  The InfiniTech Process Evaluation starts by understanding the business objectives and operations on a company and/or departmental basis.  The evaluation takes into account user groups, roles and geographic locations.  Combining this information with an understanding of the company’s infrastructure, InfiniTech provides companies with recommendations on how to improve the process to create greater efficiency in the company’s day-to-day operations, reduce redundancy and alleviate any foreseen trouble areas before they occur.  The Process Evaluation can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by creating greater efficiency, aligning objectives and recognizing problem areas before they occur.

Application Portfolio Assessment
Often, companies have taken a piecemeal approach to selecting software packages.  Software packages are often purchased to meet an immediate departmental need and not made in the context of the organizations overall software direction.  This approach can lead to redundant applications, an overly complex environment and an inefficient high-maintenance system.  The InfiniTech Application Portfolio Assessment provides visibility into the application environment identifying, analyzing, and making recommendations for an efficient application portfolio to meet current and future business needs.  The assessment begins with an understanding of the business objectives and the criteria by which to evaluate the importance of the applications.  The assessment includes an inventory of current applications, the value they possess within the organization and any redundant functionality they have.  An application portfolio assessment can save the company thousands in resource asset costs and operational efficiency.

Enterprise Architecture Planning
Enterprise Architecture Planning provides companies with a long-term enterprise-wide IT roadmap.  The roadmap allows companies to create a comprehensive streamlined IT infrastructure, removing complexities, meeting corporate objectives and allowing for optimization of emerging technologies.  This service includes a technology and process assessment, an architecture blueprint for future growth and a transition plan.

IT Strategy
The InfiniTech IT Strategy service takes a holistic look at a company’s IT to identify current state and provide a roadmap and recommendations for the department and its infrastructure.  InfiniTech begins by understanding the strategic business and IT objectives, performing a technology assessment and process evaluation, and evaluating the maintenance, support, data collection, security, authentication, data sharing and recovery policies and procedures.  With this analysis, InfiniTech provides an IT Strategy that:

  • Aligns the business and IT strategic objectives
  • Provides a blueprint of the IT enterprise architecture
  • Indicates redundancy, overlapping or missing functionality
  • Maps out the administrative procedures including user authorization, access controls, authentication, patch and update policies, maintenance procedures
  • Maps out security and storage policies and procedures including data collection, sharing policies, session management and vulnerability management
  • Documents the recovery plan
  • Recommends an IT strategy to meet current and future objectives

IT Compliance
The InfiniTech IT Compliance service can help with the assessment and audit requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.  Understanding COBIT and COSO frameworks, InfiniTech can work with the IT staff to set up documentation, testing and audit requirements to help clients meet IT compliance.

InfiniTech has extensive experience helping organizations with the transformation, implementation and reengineering of recommended and emerging technologies.  The implementation process will consist of working closely with the in-house IT staff to assist with, train and document implementation.

Risk Management
With knowledge of the company's infrastructure and business recovery objectives, InfiniTech can create an application and system recovery plan.  This service begins with a vulnerability assessment then documents and recommends data collection, onsite and offsite data storage, intrusion detection and prevention, virus protection, sharing policies and procedures, redundancy and back-up policies. 

Risk Management begins with an assessment to identify vulnerabilities, and a planning component to develop strategies for minimizing risk. The result of the analysis is a business impact analysis report, which describes the potential organizational risks and vulnerabilities, and recommends data collection, onsite and offsite data storage, intrusion detection and prevention, virus protection, sharing policies and procedures, redundancy and back-up policies in order to minimize risk.

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